Service cost reduction

Accommodation Acquisition

  • Online access to book non commissionable partner hotel inventory for individuals or large groups
  • Combined buying power of airlines on stations with single platform approach

Accounting SFS Financial Services

  • Efficient and controllable payment method via integrated virtual credit card solution (VCN) with less accounting efforts.
  • Services offered are based on real cost rather than issued voucher values. Hence lower voucher cost charges.
  • Detailed overview of delivered services per passenger, station and cause

Business Case

Proven business cases achieved more than 3 million Euro annual savings as of 20 million passengers.

Information technology

Guest data will be arriving in the SFS360 platform through API. This set up will be done in cooperation with our IT and your IT staff. The airline will indicate that these passengers should receive service recovery attention. This handling and monitoring will be done from the SFS360 platform. At the end of the service recovery, the data can be shared with the airline business systems.

Excellent passenger experience

Passenger Care Department

  • Immediate clear overview on services offered and provided to each guest (conforming EU regulation)

Pro Active Guest Communication and Central Handling

  • Efficient and Major reduction of guest handling time
  • Clear documentation of services offered
  • Improved communication throughout disruption
  • Through wearable devices by text or email
  • Centralized and consistent branded professional communication, voiced through all touch points

Social Media Department

  • Reputation damage, converted into passenger loyalty gains
  • Airline has in-depth insights to respond to social media comments of guests

Operational excellence

Employee satisfaction

  • SFS platforms are supported by our E-learning and user manuals
  • Online or telephone support for your staff
  • Extra inventory or alternative service recovery products to offer
  • Staff will be equipped with the right technology to provide good passenger service

The SFS360 platform is the one stop solution for your network service recovery

  • Total Network Global Overview-Booking-Confirmation-Admin-Reporting
  • Integrated Payment Solution
  • Service can be offered by means of business engine/rules
  • On the spot problem solving


Benefits Airline Operations

  • Global instant overview of available rooms and prices per airport
  • Ability to book rooms through the platform
  • Instant confirmation of reservations
  • Instant delivery of vouchers (paper & electronic)
  • Controlled and traceable payment procedures
  • Instant delivery of vouchers with the option for integrated payment solution (paper & electronic)

Benefits Global Partner Hotels

  • The SFS360 platform combines airline volumes
  • No registration costs
  • API connectivity for most accurate inventory access
  • Online support through chat option

Benefits Passenger

  • Major reduction of handling time
  • Improved communication throughout disruption
  • Resulting in high quality service experience

Service recovery products

Service recovery products handled and monitored on the SFS360 platform. Virtual Credit Card (VCN) integration will be available for this selection.

  • Global Hotel Inventory
  • Mealplan (Breakfast-Lunch-(late)Dinner)
  • Taxi (home)
  • Taxi to hotel
  • Bus to hotel or other airport
  • Train
  • Rental Car
  • Delay (monetary) vouchers
  • Payment in case of Overbooking
  • Missing Luggage
  • Damaged suitcase