The SFS360 platform for IROPS Handling

The start-to-end global service recovery platform to improve the guest experience when these are challenged the most.

Recovery Services

Printed or Digital Vouchers for:Hotel, Transport and Refreshments

Mobile Self-Service

Canned and Personalized TextMail and Mobile Self-Service

Secure Payment Solution

Virtual payment card per passenger

Hotel Inventory Management

Real time with flexibleRoom management

Insights-driven Reporting & Control

Reporting to business toolsReal-time cost insights​. Data analytics to generate insights on decision making.

Single point of truth

One place within the organization containing all the service recovery interactions.

SFS360 The Global IROPS Platform 

The start-to-end global service recovery platform SFS360 meets the airline’s specific global network IROPS requirements.

This efficiency includes instantly bookable worldwide hotel accommodation, transportation and refreshment vouchers. All globally communicated by SMS or voice call directly to the guest mobile device or printed by the agents at the desk. Comply with the local government regulations and protect the reputation when these are challenged during irregular operations.

The SFS360 platform simplifies the Accounting Process and improves Communication with your guests for Customer Care. Central IROPS Handling with clear data will now be possible. Furthermore, we cooperate with your suppliers to offer their services through your SFS360 platform.

Stranded Flight Solutions helps you to increase Guest Loyalty and improve Guest Experience. Our approach will give the airline major Cost Savings and Ancillary Revenue opportunities during irregularities.

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