About us


The start-to-end service recovery platform “SFS360” meets the airline’s specific total network IRREG requirements.

This efficiency includes instantly bookable hotel accommodation, transportation and refreshment vouchers. All communicated directly to the passenger mobile device or by the agents at the desk. The one platform approach will help airlines to comply with the EU261 regulations and protect the reputation when these are challenged during irregular operations.

Our commitment ensures you reap efficiency gains from day one and will continue to do so long into the future. Stranded Flight Solutions is taking service recovery processes into the 21st century with the single platform approach.

  • History
    • Established in 2009
    • Research 2009-2012
    • SFS-web station solution launched in 2013
    • SFS360 total network solution launched in 2015

Our solid client base of more than 30 airlines are benefiting direct or indirectly from our services and vision already.